Privacy Policy

Melbet’s privacy policy is fully compliant with the standards and provisions of the European Union General Regulation on Personal Data Protection. The document describes the way we process, store and protect user data.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the Privacy Policy, please email

1. Privacy

Protecting users’ personal information is one of Melbet’s main responsibilities. In this Privacy Policy we will explain what information we collect, how and what we use it for.

The terms of the Privacy Policy are subject to change at the discretion of the administration. If we make such changes, we will notify you by email and through news on the official website.

2. Consent to personal data processing

The personal data of Melbet users is processed only after receiving approval for this processing from the user. You can give your consent in several ways.

In writing

When you put your consent in writing, you must include such information:

In the form of conclusive actions

If you want to establish a legal relationship with the Melbet bookmaker’s office, you can do so by committing an action by which you can conclude such an intention.

Processing of personal data in Melbet is possible in the following cases:

If you wish, you may withdraw your consent, make adjustments to the data provided, or specify how the information will be used.

3. Purposes of information collection

Information is collected and processed to identify the identity of the user. For this purpose, we collect data on first and last name, date of birth, bank card, residential address and e-mail. You may also be required to provide additional information when using the official site, including:

The information collected is stored and processed on our servers in accordance with the legal regulations of your country of residence. Our servers also automatically log your activity, which includes key information about your sessions: IP address, login time, login date, pages opened, language version of the site, error reports, and browser type.

By collecting this data, we can improve the quality of our services. We also guarantee that users’ personal data will never be used without their knowledge.

4. How the data are collected and processed

The data listed in the above paragraphs is collected automatically as a result of your use of the services, sending messages and interacting with our website.

Personal information can also be obtained through service providers and sellers on the Internet, as well as from databases acquired legally from specialized companies.

We may disclose information to third parties only in the situations contemplated by this document or the laws of your country.

5. Using the information

Personal information provided by users is used by us solely for customer service, security, guarantees of fair play, user identification, payment transactions, etc.

Information about you can be passed on to our partners, whom we carefully select and in whom we are confident, for all kinds of promotions and offers.

From time to time Melbet bookmaker’s office conducts contests and surveys through which it also collects personal data. However, participation in these contests is voluntary, and it is up to you to decide whether to disclose information about yourself or not.

By taking the survey, you automatically consent to the use of your name for advertising purposes without compensation, unless required by law.

6. Disclosure of information

We do not share user information with third parties or companies that are not affiliated with Melbet. The exception may be when you have given your own consent to such actions.

Melbet is obliged to disclose users’ personal data if it is required by the law of the country. In this case, the transfer of information will be performed for:

If we have any suspicions about your honesty, we can transfer personal data of your account to other gambling sites, banks, law enforcement agencies. The reason for the transfer of information may be a suspicion of fraud, money laundering, etc.

7. Access

If you do not want to receive advertising notifications from Melbet, you can unsubscribe using one of the following methods:

You may also contact us at any of our current contacts to clarify personal information, update it, or complain. Once you are identified, you will be able to update any information on your personal information list.

8. Cookie

When you use our services, information about your device is stored as a cookie and stored in small text documents on your personal computer or smartphone. We also store information about your device in Flash Cookies. Neither these nor any other cookies allow you to remotely connect to your device or account. This is purely a control measure that we use to improve the quality of our services.

Important Cookies

Important Cookies allow you to freely navigate through the pages of the official site and use the full range of its features, including secure payments.

Among the important ones are the cookies created during registration. They contain information about the time of registration, the country from which the session was conducted, and so on. This data can be used by us to determine user preferences and interests on the Internet.

Cookies when you visit the site

Three types of cookies are automatically created on your device when you visit the site:

You can decide for yourself whether to receive cookies. A request to create cookies appears on the site the first time you visit the site.

You can delete, block, allow, and clear cookies at any time in your browser settings. For information on the use and management of such files, see the instructions on the official websites of the browser developers.

Flash Cookies

This type of temporary files allows you to use those features of Melbet’s site that involve Flash Player. If these files are blocked, you may not be able to use some features of the site.

9. Consent to use electronic service providers

Playing online casino and betting on sports in Melbet is possible only with real money. While using our services you will have to make deposits and withdrawals. To ensure the safety and stability of payment transactions we use third-party payment systems that process transactions.

By accepting the Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that your personal information may be shared with third parties. Only the data necessary to complete transactions will be transferred.

Confidentiality and security of your personal information is guaranteed by complying with the laws of your country.

10. Security checks

To ensure fair play and prevent possible fraud by users, we may initiate a security check at any time. The check confirms that the personal data you have provided is correct.

By agreeing to the Privacy Policy, you authorize us to share your personal information with third parties to verify that it is correct.

11. safety

We take all necessary measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of users. To this end, all data received from you is encrypted and stored in a password-protected information base. Our services support SSL security certificates with strong 128-bit encryption.

However, we only guarantee the security of data that has already been received by us. During their transmission over the Internet, leaks can occur that are not related to our encryption systems. Any data you send over the Internet may therefore be at risk before it reaches us.

12. Protecting Children

Sports betting and gambling at Melbet online casino can be done only by users who are at least 18 years old or at another age of majority provided by your country.

By using our services, you confirm that you are an adult. If you try to deceive the administration by entering false data, your account may be blocked, and all personal information obtained from such a user will be immediately deleted from the databases.

13. Cross-border data transfer

Information collected from you during the registration and use of the site may be transferred to our services in any of the other countries where Melbet operates. By using our services, you consent to the transfer of personal data outside of your country of residence.

All of our agents and partners who receive information are committed to maintaining its confidentiality and security.

14. Third-party sites

We do not guarantee the protection and privacy of personal data when you submit it to sites that mention our brand. This Privacy Policy only applies to the official Melbet website and services of the management company. Any third-party sites and resources, even when referring to us, operate under their own rules, to which we have nothing to do.

15. Disclaimer

We cannot take responsibility for activities outside of our control. We only secure data on our own pages and services. If you use third-party sites that are not under our direct control, you risk compromising your privacy. If you do so, we cannot help you and will not be liable for your or any third party’s actions.

16. Consent to privacy policy

Use of our services and facilities constitutes your voluntary consent to the terms of Melbet’s Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy may change from time to time and we will notify you in advance by e-mail and on the official website.

You may opt out of our Privacy Policy after making changes, but if you do, you will lose your ability to use our services and playgrounds.

17. Attitude towards money laundering and terrorism

We take a principled stand against money laundering and international terrorism, strongly condemning such activities and taking all appropriate actions in accordance with AML policy. We do our best to stop all illegal activities, and if users are suspected of engaging in such activities, we have the right to share personal information with the appropriate authorities, including law enforcement.

By money laundering is meant:

To prevent criminal capital from infiltrating countries’ economies, we follow the domestic regulations and legal requirements of the countries in which we provide access to our services.

By using the balance of your Melbet account, you confirm that:

All photos and scans of personal documents, as well as reports of transactions made by users, are stored in Melbet’s secure database.

If suspicious activity is detected during payment transactions on users’ accounts, the company may refuse to withdraw or deposit funds to the player’s account. The account may be temporarily frozen until the circumstances are clarified.

To verify the authenticity of personal data Melbet may require users to provide photos or scans of their ID card, proof of residence and other personal data.