Anti Fraud

Melbet protects your account an prevents fraud.

Melbet actively combats fraud and illegal transactions in online gambling. For our part, we guarantee the safety and confidentiality of users’ personal data, provide protection for transactions and manually check transactions that raise suspicion.
We cooperate with the world’s leading payment systems and adhere to the principles of fair play. Data is encrypted during transactions, and even if it is leaked cybercriminals will not be able to access it without the encryption key. Due to these measures, and also the observance of legal norms of the countries where our services work, we minimize risks and guarantee the protection of your personal data and money on your account balance.

To increase the security level and to fight against fraud in Melbet the following algorithms are implemented:

  • Mandatory personal verification for funds withdrawal;
  • Verification of user phone number;
  • Automatic analysis of the user’s playing style;
  • Multi-stage fraud protection system, which checks payments on more than a hundred parameters;
  • Selective security checks.

When you play on Melbet you can be sure that you are on an equal footing with other users and that your personal data and payment information are safe from leaks. In turn, you should be prepared to go along with the administration in terms of fraud protection.