Melbet accumulator of the day

Accumulator of the Day bonus will entartain regular players.

Accumulator of the Day Bonus is a special bonus for existing clients of the Melbet betting platform. It allows you to select one of the accumulator bets placed on the most popular upcoming sporting events. Melbet experts change the bonus bets every day to help you find the one you like best. If you make the right choice and win, your odds will be increased by 10%.

Detailed description of the bonus

Like other Melbet bonuses, Accumulator of the Day has its own rules and features:

  • Use your main account. According to the Melbet single account policy, multi-accounts can be banned for two months. 
  • Bonus money can not be used to place bets on active bonus offers. 
  • Advance bet can not be used for everyday bonus offers.
  • Accumulator bonus contents can not be changed.
  • Bonus offers are changed every day and are chosen from the likeliest to bring a profit.
  • After your Accumulator bet wins, Melbet increases your odds by 10%.

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Bonus activation instructions

Accumulator of the Day activation is a straightforward process. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1 Log in to the website

As this bonus is made for existing players, you can log in to your account with the help of our official website or our mobile app.

Enter your email and password.

2 Find today’s Accumulator of the Day

Go to the home page or the Sports or Live sections to find out what Accumulator of the Day offers is available at the moment.

It's situated at the right side of a pge.

3 Choose your Accumulator of the Day

Melbet Accumulator of the Day bonuses is made for you every day by our experts. Choose one offer that you like most. You will have the opportunity to choose another one tomorrow.

They usually give you two options to choose.

4 Place a bet

Place a bet on the Accumulator of your choice and wait for your odds to be increased if you win.

Come back on the other day to choose another accumulator of the day.


Where can I find the suggested express bets?

You can find active Accumulator of the Day on our official website. Go to the home page or the Sports or Live sections to see offers for today.

Can I place several bets at once?

You need to select only one Accumulator of the Day offer that you like best, but you can place more bets on different sporting events each day in the betting section.