JAM vs STL Caribbean Premier League Results Score Sep 17, 2023

Caribbean Premier League

Providence Stadium

Jamaica Tallawahs



St. Lucia Kings



Jamaica Tallawahs beat Saint Lucia Kings by 122 runs

Best Players

battler R B 4s 6s SR

Rajapaksa Bhanuka

22 15 3 1 146.67

Forde Matthew

13 14 1 0 92.86
bowler O M R W ECO WD NB

Wasim Imad

all rounder
4 1 24 2 6 1 0

Walsh Jr Hayden

4 0 17 1 4.25 1 0

Last Highlight

  • 14.6
    Imad Wasim to Jeavor Royal, OUT! RUN OUT! Imad Wasim tosses this one up and on leg. Jeavor Royal flicks it to the fielder at mid-wicket and sets off for a quick single. Kirk Mckenzie is to the ball quickly and throws it to the keeper. Alzarri Joseph is late to the run and is caught miles out of the crease as the keeper takes off the bails. That is the game and Jamaica Tallawahs have won it comfortably.
  • 14.5
    Imad Wasim to Jeavor Royal, Full again on off. Jeavor Royal blocks it out on the off side.
  • 14.4
    Imad Wasim to Jeavor Royal, Fuller and on off. Jeavor Royal drives it to cover.
  • 14.3
    Imad Wasim to McKenny Clarke, OUT! LBW! Imad Wasim bowls this fullish and on off. McKenny Clarke has been hit on the pads and the umpire has given him out. He has reviewed the decision and the UltraEdge shows no spike. The ball tracking shows three reds and McKenny Clarke has to depart. Saint Lucia Kings are 9-wickets down.
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