GAW vs TKR Caribbean Premier League Results Score Sep 20, 2023

Caribbean Premier League

Providence Stadium

Guyana Amazon Warriors



Trinbago Knight Riders



Trinbago Knight Riders beat Guyana Amazon Warriors by 7 wickets

Best Players

battler R B 4s 6s SR

Walton Chadwick

wicket keeper
80 57 6 4 140.35

Pooran Nicholas

wicket keeper
33 24 2 2 137.5
bowler O M R W ECO WD NB

Pretorius Dwaine

all rounder
4 0 36 2 9 4 0

Motie Gudakesh

4 0 39 0 9.75 1 0

Last Highlight

  • 18.1
    Imran Tahir to Chadwick Walton, Trinbago Knight Riders are into the FINALS! Googly on the middle and leg. Walton hangs back and eases this to long-on for a single. A thumping win by 7 wickets and with more than 10 balls to spare.
  • 17.6
    Dwaine Pretorius to Chadwick Walton, Slower length ball, outside off. Walton slaps it to sweeper cover for one. Scores are level now.
  • 17.5
    Dwaine Pretorius to Chadwick Walton, FOUR!! One bounce and over the ropes! Slower and fuller, outside off. Walton swings hard and lifts it down to the long-off region. Odean Smith comes running in from the boundary and misjudges it completely. The ball goes over him for a boundary.
  • 17.4
    Dwaine Pretorius to Andre Russell, WIDE! Slower and wider outside off. Russell lets it go. Another Wide.
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