MER vs HOH Big Bash League, Women Results Score Nov 23, 2023

Big Bash League, Women


Melbourne Renegades



Hobart Hurricanes



Best Players

battler R B 4s 6s SR

De Broughe Emma

all rounder
40 19 8 0 210.53

Beaumont Tammy

wicket keeper
16 10 3 0 160
bowler O M R W ECO WD NB

Ismail Shabnim

4 1 21 2 5.25 2 0

Smith Amy

4 0 17 3 4.25 0 0

Last Highlight

  • 16.1
    DROPPED! Length ball, on leg stump and angling across de Broughe. She shuffles down the pitch and lifts a drive down the ground for 1 run. A chance at a wicket, but the catch is dropped by Gibson. That was a tough chance for Gibson.
  • 15.6
    OUT! Smith breaks through! Pitching on a good line and length. Coyte gets on the back foot and cuts sloppily, and is caught by Smith
  • 15.5
    Pitched up, pitching on a good line once more. Coyte moves onto the front foot and plays a drive for a couple of runs past the bowler. Good fielding by Carey saves a certain boundary.
  • 15.4
    Good line and length from Smith again. Coyte gets on the back foot and defends
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